A heaven of peace and tranquillity, an experience never to be forgotten... 


Our profesional hard work, persistence, and dedication to quality made Aurora Tours a proud owner of this prestigous 5* mointain resort. The complete hotel infrstructure has been built from scratch during a 10-years long constraction process. It was opened in 2011.

At an altitude of 1100m, the resort is located in the mountainous Eastern part of Macedonia near the town of Berovo, overlooking a Lake nestled in breathtakingly picturesque canyon of Malesh mountains. A border passing with Bulgaria which should open soon is just a few km from the hotel. The capital Skopje and the airport are less then 2 hours of relaxing picturesque drive away.

The region, often referred to as Little Switzerland due to its magnificent pine forests and natural greenery, is amongst the 4 major oxygen corridors that run throughout the Planet. The breath of fresh air here is as real as it gets. 

Surrounded by the grace and serenity of its 5+ hectares of own natural landscape guarantying remarkable views throughout the whole year, the resort has been effortlessly incorporated into the charm and elegance of a modern day “Eco Hotel” – completely built with local volcanic rocks and rich wood accents.


Its exceptionally comfortable accommodations, state of the art restaurant, tranquil pools, world-class Spa, renowned hospitality and service, its huge and well maintained grounds along with a rich variety of available amenities and activities, makes this luxurious yet intimate resort a perfect getaway from the daily routines. 

In addition to the leisure factor, the modern and large conference hall makes it a suitable premise for organizing various types of summits, meetings, conferences, work groups, presentations and other political, business, regional, national and international events.

Infinity Pool

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General Views

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Winter Fairytales

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Natural Surroundings

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Activities & Amenities

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